The one true love in my life – pizza. Baked 06/08/17 Advertisements


Unbelievable moussaka recipe in the most recent delicious magazine. Baked 31/07/17

Pumpkin Soup

i love to add cayenne pepper to my pumpkin soup. Baked 25/06/17

Scones & Jam

I’ll never forget how to make scones thanks to my Nanna. Baked 31/07/17

Fruit Mince Pies

Never even eaten fruit mince pies and attempted to make them. Absolutely delicious! Baked 09/07/17


I thought I should try pasta that wasn’t gnocchi for once – almost as good! Baked 02/07/17

Corolli Rossi

The yummiest bikkies that look like doughnuts! From the Delicious magazine May 2017. Baked 27/04/17

More Gnocchi!

Served with my version of Pomodoro sauce plus bacon. Baked 19/02/17