Corolli Rossi

The yummiest bikkies that look like doughnuts! From the Delicious magazine May 2017

More Gnocchi!

Served with my version of Pomodoro sauce plus bacon. Baked 19/02/17

My new Kitchenaid

When the lady at the store says “you do realise you’ll have this colour for the rest of your life?” in a judgmental manner and you just think all the more reason to get pink!


My favourite way to make a cake fancy. Baked 19/01/2017


I modified a chocolate macaron recipe by adding espresso powder and cinnamon. 10/10 would recommend. Baked 22/09/2016

Wagon Wheels

A tricky Donna Hay recipe. Tasty but probably wouldn’t put myself through it again! The honey biscuits on their own were heaven. Baked 08/12/2017

Swirl Meringues

A nostalgic recipe from when my sister used to make these (but 3x the size). Baked 22/01/2017

Fresh Pasta

First time making pasta! Cooked with mama’s bolognese. Baked 23/01/2017

Freckle Cake

I made this cake for my birthday. Inside it was chocolate cake on the bottom and a marble cake on the top. The marble cake was 5 different colours to resemble the top of a freckle. I’ve always wanted to try the 100s and 1000s decoration – it was messy but so pretty. Baked 19/01/2017


My family and I always make gnocchi. This time I used dutch cream potatoes which gave the meal a creamier flavour without the use of cream! With this gnocchi, I made a Pomodoro (spicy tomato) sauce which I added bacon too. Baked 14/12/2016

Jaffa Cake

A classic chocolate cake that I thought I could jazz up by making the choc buttercream frosting choc orange flavoured! I added some freshly squeezed orange juice and zest to the frosting – yummy outcome! The cake was probably too feminine for my Dad’s birthday – didn’t stop him eating it though. (Using the #1M…