My New Kitchenaid

When the lady at the store says “you do realise you’ll have this colour for the rest of your life?” in a judgmental manner and you just think all the more reason to get pink! Advertisements


My favourite way to make a cake fancy. Baked 19/01/2017


I modified a chocolate macaron recipe by adding espresso powder and cinnamon. 10/10 would recommend. Baked 22/09/2016

Wagon Wheels

A tricky Donna Hay recipe. Tasty but probably wouldn’t put myself through it again! The honey biscuits on their own were heaven. Baked 08/12/2017

Swirl Meringues

A nostalgic recipe from when my sister used to make these (but 3x the size). Baked 22/01/2017

Fresh Pasta

First time making pasta! Cooked with mama’s bolognese. Baked 23/01/2017

Freckle Cake

I made this cake for my birthday. Inside it was chocolate cake on the bottom and a marble cake on the top. The marble cake was 5 different colours to resemble the top of a freckle. I’ve always wanted to try the 100s and 1000s decoration – it was messy but so pretty. Baked 19/01/2017


My family and I always make gnocchi. This time I used dutch cream potatoes which gave the meal a creamier flavour without the use of cream! With this gnocchi, I made a Pomodoro (spicy tomato) sauce which I added bacon too. Baked 14/12/2016

Jaffa Cake

A classic chocolate cake that I thought I could jazz up by making the choc buttercream frosting choc orange flavoured! I added some freshly squeezed orange juice and zest to the frosting – yummy outcome! The cake was probably too feminine for my Dad’s birthday – didn’t stop him eating it though. (Using the #1M…

Birthday Cakes

It was my friend’s 21st. The perfect excuse to try my first Women’s Weekly birthday cake just like my Nanna used to make for me. Also an excuse to buy the #1M Wilton icing tip which I’m now obsessed with. Baked 30/04/2016

Hot Cross Buns

It wouldn’t be Easter without them (or their delicious cousins the chocolate hot cross buns). Baked 25/03/2016