Birthday Cakes

It was my friend’s 21st. The perfect excuse to try my first Women’s Weekly birthday cake just like my Nanna used to make for me. Also an excuse to buy the #1M Wilton icing tip which I’m now obsessed with. Baked 30/04/2016

Hot Cross Buns

It wouldn’t be Easter without them (or their delicious cousins the chocolate hot cross buns). Baked 25/03/2016

Lemon Meringue Cake

When life gives you lemons… make lemon curd! And a cake to go with it. Baked 28/01/2016


My mum always buys too much stuff at the supermarket. This resulted from too many Cornflakes in the house. No regrets! Baked 12/01/2016

Christmas Tree Meringues

Layer green tinted meringue mix for a Christmas tree shape then sprinkle with 100s and 1000s before baking. Fiddly but fun! Baked 13/12/2015

My Go To Cookies

This is a recipe I will never forget. I was randomly searching on the internet and came across it when thinking about snacks for Uni. It was called chocolate chip cookies in a way that suggested it would be gooey or more biscuity┬áif that makes any sense. However, it was more like a shortbread than…

Always Making Marble Cakes

I can’t stop making marble cakes – you can make them any colour inside and decorate however you want. This was a new decorating idea for a friend’s birthday. Baked 12/11/2015